Herniated Disc

Our certified medical providers are diverse in their ability to treat patients suffering from herniated discs.

The Challenge

Herniated discs are extremely common, and our providers see a tremendous amount of individuals suffering from its effects. This occurs when there is an issue between the softer, rubber part of the spine (disc) and the harder vertebras that make up your spinal column. Sometimes there can be a tear, causing the disc to push on surrounding nerves which can generate painful symptoms. People have complained of the following when suffering from a herniated disc:

  • Sharp pain in their extremities (arm, legs)
  • Weakness; inability to stand or hold objects
  • Numbness and tingling sensations

How Ellis Can Help

Based on the significance of injury that has occurred, a majority of people will not require any corrective surgery. After your patient evaluation, our providers will and suggest medical treatments to counter any pain you are experiencing.

Let us heal your pain

Pain can be debilitating and frustrating. Don’t remain stuck in your pain because it can only get worse. Let us know how we can help treat your situation.