Our certified medical providers are diverse in their ability to treat patients suffering from headaches.

The Challenge

Headaches can be one of the worst pain a person can experience. Nearly everyone has experienced a headache and can attest to the excruciating pain it causes. Headaches can be caused by many different issues, but individuals suffering from chronic pain symptoms (for longer than three months) may need therapeutic intervention.

How Ellis Can Help

Our providers can provide a detailed examination which may include diagnostic testing to determine the best course of action in treating your headaches.

If necessary, there are many injections and nerve blocks that could be administered to help calm the issues that are causing the pain. Feel free to contact our office to learn more about how our providers can assist.

Let us heal your pain

Pain can be debilitating and frustrating. Don’t remain stuck in your pain because it can only get worse. Let us know how we can help treat your situation.